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The Bible is God’s life giving, life changing truth.

The words of the Bible are not

just words written by men.

These words are completely inspired by God

to show us that we can live life to the full in

Jesus Christ. Through the authority of the

Bible we are challenged to live out its truth

and are motivated to share that

truth with others. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Biblical Authority
Cultural Relevance

God’s truth is relevant and applicable to

our changing world. To reach our present culture

we will practice a willingness

to change our methods, yet,

never compromise God’s truth. (Psalm 51: 6)

Authentic relationship

Banwell Community Church is filled

with imperfect people connecting with

one another as a means to grow in our

relationship with Christ and His church and to

fulfill His perfect mission. (Acts 2: 42-47)

Missional service

Missional service is following Christ’s example

of service by putting other’s needs above

our own in order to share God’s love

and transform the world.

(Matthew 28: 16-20; John 13: 12-17)

genuine worship

Worship is not a magical word. Worship is a

lifestyle that reflects what you truly love.

Genuine worship is God-ward. It is both personal

and collective. Although worship is not about us,

we connect with God by responding to

Him through worship and by this we experience

His power and presence. We say it this way:

“Worship is all we are responding to all HE is.”

(Psalm 95: 6-7; John 4:24)


The Church is a body of transformed people

who are continually being transformed into the

image of Christ by pursuing the life of holiness.

At the same time, the church is called to transform

the world around us by loving and accepting people,

caring for them, and helping them grow in faith.

(Acts 9: 1-22; Galatians 1: 11-2:10)

committed to be

The Bible does not tell us to use only certain styles of music, or

to present our message only through words.

The Bible does make it clear, however, that we are to find ways

to effectively bring the message “into all the world”

in order to make disciples. We believe this

requires us to examine everything we

do - new practices and old - and a willingness

to change when necessary within biblical

parameters, in order that we,

“by all possible means might save some.”

(1 Corinthians 9:22)

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