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Mission and Outreach

Mission and

The Mission and Outreach Committee is committed to reaching out to our surrounding area and blessing our community.


Jan & Ana Franka have returned to serve in Eastern Europe (primarily Slovakia and Serbia) through ABWE Canada, following a time of pre-field ministry in Canada. Jan Franka previously pastored the Eastern European community at Grace Baptist Church in Windsor, Ontario for a number of years before returning to the mission field in 2020. Jan & Ana Franka have 3 main ministries in both Slovakia and

1) Street Literature Evangelism – Provide Christian literature to the unsaved; travelling from city to city offering literature and Gospel tracks at markets and city squares; sharing the
Gospel one-on-one.

2) Media Ministry – Partnering with local Christian radio stations; producing radio and video
messages; translating and publishing Christian literature


3) Preaching Ministry – Help the local churches grow and evangelize the unsaved by organizing
public evangelistic events.

Banwell Community Church has been supporting Jan & Ana Franka for roughly one year through monthlyfinancial and prayer support. The Franka’s regular Ministry Updates can be found on their Facebook page: 

Jan & Ana frankA


conrad & fiona kwok


Matthew house


A Refugee Claimant is an person who has fled their home country due to a “well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion” and request asylum or protection upon arrival in Canada.

Unlike Government Assisted or Privately Sponsored Refugees, they have no one to welcome them or help them get established in their new home community.
Matthew House Windsor brings hope by providing a temporary home and settlement supports for Refugee Claimants, empowering them to become contributing members of the Canadian community.

Banwell Community Church supports the Matthew House on a monthly basis, both financially and through prayer. On a number of occasions, individuals a part of the Banwell family have also volunteered their time assisting with Matthew House projects. There is always a need! If you are interested in volunteering your time to help with Matthew House projects or donating new or gently used items in excellent condition, please visit the Matthew House ‘Get Involved’ page: Refugee Centre Home | Matthew House Refugee Centre (

The penners


Todd & Bev Penner, new members at Banwell this year, moved to Windsor in the fall of 2020.  Todd retired in June of 2020 from teaching high school in Kenora, Ontario.  Actually, 2020-21 turned out to be more like a sabbatical year for them, as they have been called back into service.   They have committed to a one-year assignment at Hope Academy of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  Hope Academy offers English education to the children of expatriate workers from preschool through 12th grade.  It uses primarily an American curriculum model, all classes taught in English.  Students are being prepared to return to their home countries, with an internationally recognized high school education. 


Todd & Bev spent three years teaching at an international school early in their careers.  From 1984-87 they taught at Morrison Academy of Taichung, Taiwan.  They have four adult children, between the ages of 29 and 35 (the eldest having been born in Taiwan while they were living there).  At Hope Academy Bev will be working in the Library and Guidance Department, and Todd will be teaching in the Social Studies Department.  They believe deeply that their role is to serve the needs of expatriate children, which makes it possible for their parents to remain in a country so far from their homelands.


Bishkek is a city of approximately 1 million people, situated in a similar latitude as Windsor, though in a dry climate, with temperatures hotter in summer and colder in winter than Windsor.  It is the capital city of Kyrgyzstan (or the Kyrgyz Republic), located near the northern border (with Kazakhstan).   The region is commonly called Central Asia, being north of Pakistan, and west of China.   Wikipedia describes the country this way: "Ethnic Kyrgyz make up the majority of the country's six million people, followed by significant minorities of Uzbeks and Russians. Kyrgyz is closely related to other Turkic languages, although Russian remains spoken and is an official language, a legacy of a century of Russification. 90% of the population are Muslims with the majority being Sunni.[18]


Todd & Bev have lived in Ontario for 34 years, so would appreciate support, not only for their daily needs, but for the cultural and other adjustments that will be required.

Francesca kibe


Francesca Kibe works with BethanyKids in Kenya and is focused on bringing the hope of Jesus to children living with various forms of disability. Born with a disability herself, Francesca has worked hard to change the stigmas around disability amongst children.

When Francesca was first born her own family assumed she was a curse, and they did what was customary in their culture - try to poison and kill the child. Stigma around disability in rural parts of Kenya continues to be a death sentence for many.

Fortunately God protected her. In her teenage years she met the surgeon who founded BethanyKids who not only helped her medically, but also introduced her to Jesus. Not only did she begin to follow Jesus in that moment, but many in her family followed as well.

Now Francesca works with BethanyKids helping others who are in the same situation she was. She is inspiring hope in young people, resourcing those in need and helping churches learn the skills to better support and make space for those suffering on the margins.

Her full story can be seen here.

To learn more about the work of BethanyKids across Africa visit their website, or watch this short 40 second clip about their work.

Conrad and Fiona Kwok are Global Field Staff of CBM (Canadian Baptist Ministries) stationed in the Golden Triangle Region. In August 2018, they were appointed Team Leader of the Chinese Ministries Team globally.  In this role, Conrad and Fiona direct, coach and empower field staff currently located in Germany, Northern Thailand, Hong Kong and East Asia.


Conrad and Fiona were deployed in November 2013; they are based in Northern Thailand. Their works include three main areas (1) train and coach next generation pastors and Christian workers. (2) work with a Gospel based drug rehabilitation organization to bring addicts to Christ and help to disciple them. (3) Community development.


In April 2021, Conrad and Fiona were relocated back to Toronto, they  continue to serve in their role with CBM as Chinese Ministries Team Leader. The relocation gives them more time to visit the fields and support team members.


Conrad worked in the business world in the management field until he was called to full time ministry in 2002. He completed his theological training in Tyndale Seminary in June 2004, since then Conrad has been the Mandarin pastor at Brampton Chinese Baptist Church, from 2008 to 2012 Conrad led the work to plant three churches, one in Milton, one in Mississauga and one in Burlington.


Fiona worked with Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec in the role of office manager for thirteen years before her deployment.


Conrad and Fiona have two married children and two granddaughters - Terrance and Michelle and Sullivan, Ealine and Michael and Chloe.

Banwell Community Church has been providing both financial and prayer support to the Kwoks through CBM ever since the church opened its doors. BCC has also had the privilege of hosting both Conrad and Fiona a number of times over the years in Windsor, Ontario. Regular ministry updates can be found on their website: Conrad & Fiona Kwok – CBM | Embracing a broken world through word and deed (

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